We are both ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified. All of our tracing enquires are conducted within the Credit Services Association (CSA) , Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) guidelines and the GDPR Data protection guidelines. Our client’s reputation is as important as ours, which is why we invest heavily into our compliance framework to ensure that we are following best practice at all times.

No mis-traced cases

100% accuracy with our reports resulting in no mis-traced cases. It is the Credit Services Association and Financial Conduct Authority’s priority to find a way to reduce complaints from individuals who are wrongfully being contacted. Due to our confirmed tracing approach, we will always contact the correct individual and provide our clients with the correct information resulting in no complaints being made to us or our clients.

Confirmed tracing

At Hunter Tracing, we do not rely solely on a database to confirm an individual’s location. More often than not this data can be incorrect and misleading. We therefore will make additional discreet enquiries with neighbours to confirm a subject’s location before sending a positive report back to our clients. If we cannot verify database information with a 3rd party individual, even if a database confirms an address, then we will not return the report as being positive.

Increased collection rates

We help our clients recover millions of pounds worth of debt, every year, that typically would have been either written off, or sold. With over 80% of trace cases confirmed, it gives our clients the reassurance and confidence to collect on monies owed. We support our clients throughout their recovery process, by providing accurate and confirmed data at the front end and assisting them right through to a full recovery. A very high percentage of debts get written off due to businesses not having accurate and verified data.

60 Day re-check protection policy

If there is a dispute raised within 60 days, then we will re-trace the case for free. We appreciate that debtors can sometimes be very evasive so naturally they will attempt to shield themselves and sometimes adopt an alias name. Therefore it is common that clients will receive post stating “return to sender” or “not known at this address”. In the likely event that this happens we will provide you with a legal trail demonstrating exactly how we have concluded our report.


Our investment into technology is continuous. We regularly review our trace platform, gathering feedback from our clients, to ensure that we are always enhancing efficiency. Our investment enables clients to streamline their internal processes, so they can focus on their recoveries. All data is managed and processed securely via our trace platform, where each user will have access to their own unique portal. Weekly analytics is provided, bulk upload and download is available, amongst many other key features that will help achieve the best possible outcome.