What we do

As a professional customer tracing agency, Hunter Tracing is able to provide an accurate, ethical and confirmed tracing service on a NO TRACE NO FEE basis. We act on behalf of both regulated, and non regulated organisations, solicitors, local government, debt purchase, high court enforcement and debt collection organisations. Our specialised team of tracing agents will process customer data through credit bureau agencies and will confirm with local sources if the data being received is 100% accurate, or not, resulting in higher recovery rates for our clients.

The Hunter promise

  • No trace, no fee
  • No instruction fee
  • Unbeatable pricing
  • 16-day return
  • Fixed cost services
  • Industry regulated

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Our Clients

  • Central Bedfordshire Council
  • North Lincolnshire Homes
  • Coastline Housing
  • Shoosmiths
  • Wandsworth, The Brighter Borough
  • Penham Excel
  • Eaton Ryan & Taylor, Solicitors & Litigation Specialists
  • Selwood Housing
  • North Devon Homes
  • Estuary Housing Association Ltd.
  • Lee Baron, Consultant Surveyors
  • British Waterways

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